Hi! It's us from the book

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Hi there! I’m Penny & I’m notoriously close to my cuz Jack. My li'l sis Lucy can be super annoying and we have our share of tiffs.  My all time favorite gadget is my sleek camera. I looooove it!


I’m a cool guy and a total prankster! My partner in crime is Penny. We get on like a house on fire. I like to think I’m the brave one but I have to admit Penny’s the one who’s always up for a challenge!



I’m a fun 9 year old. I admit I’m a bit cheeky. I enjoy nothing more than teaming up with Ethan to pull a fast one on our bossy siblings. I loooove junk food. Want to win me over? Bring me chips. Its that simple!


I’m an easy go lucky kinda guy. Lucy and I are a team and we love a good adventure. I have a soft side for animals and would go that extra mile to help them. Food almost always gets the better of me. Then again – what’s life without the yumminess of good delicious grub?


Mr. Troy

I’m a champion of wild animals! I love looking sharp and am most loved by the local people. I always have a surprise or two up my sleeve - I guarantee you it will knock the socks off your feet.



I feed the wild animals in my care 'n' I’m Mr. Troy’s right hand. I don’t care about lookin’ good or smellin’ nice. I’ve got secrets and I prefer to keep them that way.


The Three Hunters

Meet the three villainous hunters - Viper, Mamba & Spite! They will do anything to get their hands on the money promised to them for capturing two wild elephants. Follow their journey as they set out for a dangerous hunt.